ECT after shear, moist/wet snowpack

From obs 5/9//21: "Yesterday we went to check out the new snow in Beehive Basin. We dug a pit on the south face of Peak 10602, and conducted an ECT with results ECTN8@20, ECTN11@30, and ECTN25@60. The new snow total in this location was 30cm. Although we saw no propagation, a hand shear test (photo) and a shear conducted on the remaining ECT block (photo) resulted in a Q1 shear at the interface at the bottom of the new snow. The bottom layers of the snow pack were wet from the rain that preceded the snow, and we noted that the crust below the new snow was soft and breakable and all aspects...." Photo: E. Schreier

Beehive Basin
Northern Madison, 2021-05-10