Republic/Hayden Creek obs 2/9-10

Republic/Hayden Creek obs 2/9-10


From email on 02/10/2024: "Yesterday, I skied a few Submarine and a few Woody Ridge laps. Collapsing/shooting cracks were widespread and thunderous. Snowfall totals seemed closer to 12” unsettled, with minimal wind. Biggest collapses were near the ridgecrest (1st pic was an impressive shooting crack). 

Today heading up Republic, we observed the crown of a recent avy on Woody Ridge north (pic 2). I wondered for a sec if I had remoted it yesterday but I was further south. The avy looked to originate around 9800’ on a west (slight north) aspect in rocky terrain. Appeared natural from what we could see from the drainage. 

We skied a zone south of woody proper, and had less but still pretty regular collapsing and cracking, though steep tester slopes were nonreactive to ski cuts, surprisingly. Still very little wind. "

Cooke City
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Woody Ridge
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Nick Stayner