Dozens of large avalanches

Dozens of large avalanches


We rode out to the avalanche that was triggered yesterday on Henderson Mtn. It broke over 2000' wide (measured on GPS) and all the way up to the ridgeline, 6-10' deep and maybe 12-15' deep at the deepest section. There were a couple hundred feet of slope that had not slide between this one and the similarly large slide to the north last weekend. The deepest debris was probably 15-20'.

We also saw a fresh huge avalanche on the south side of Scotch Bonnet that happened today or late yesterday. 4-6' deep and 300' wide. Both slides were R4-D3-O. There was another fresh slide in the Rastas (one that didn't slide last weekend) that looked fresh yesterday or today, 4' deep hard slab, R3-D2-O, and one small but deep slab on the north side of Scotch Bonnet, 6' deep x 30' wide, R1-D1.5.

We could see evidence of previous large avalanches in the cirque on Republic Mtn. and in east Woody Creek south of town. There were widespread avalanches along Henderson Bench as well, below the steep break over in the trees, 3'+ deep breaking across multiple terrain features through thick trees, most of the bench slid, and appeared to have happened last weekend.

On my drive to Cooke City I saw old slab avalanches in YNP near Mammoth and on Abiathar and Ampitheater among other places. These appeared to have happened earlier in the week. I also saw a more fresh looking persistent slab avalanche on Barronette, 2-3' deep and as wide as its terrain feature, 100-200' (photo).

Pretty scary. Stay safe out there.

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