Another day, more big avalanches

Another day, more big avalanches


We rode over Daisy Pass and out to the pass between Wolverine and Abundance. Low on Daisy Road along the steep creek walls we saw three recent 2'+ deep avalanches. each 70-100' wide. HS-R4-D2-O. One looked within the last day or two and the other two were maybe 3-4 days old. Triggers unknown, there were various ages of sled/snowbike tracks nearby. We saw older crowns (4-7 days old) on east and north Miller Mtn.

Between Miller and Wolverine there was a recent large avalanche that I would guess was triggered yesterday. 3-6' deep, 250-300' wide. HS-R4-D2.5-O. Video and photos attached. Given the recent human triggered and natural avalanches, we expect dangerous conditions will continue to start the week.

Partly sunny skies, light to moderate winds with some stronger gusts and snow transport at ridgelines. Snow surface had a thick crust on any slopes that were not fully shaded yesterday. Rode back to town at noon and snow surface was still mostly frozen. Cloud cover increased through the day.

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Wolverine Peak
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Alex Marienthal