New snow avalanche concerns

New snow avalanche concerns


We rode into Taylor Fork, to the ridge at sunlight basin, through Carrot basin to the wilderness boundary, and back along the ridge to Beaver slide. There was 12" of new snow equal to 1.25" SWE.

Wind was calm, and skies were partly sunny with clouds obscuring Sage Peak, Skyline and areas to the south. The recent snow had not been affected by wind anywhere. The ridge near the weather station that is normally scoured still had 8"+ of light new snow on it. Sunny slopes got moist in the afternoon. 

The only new avalanche I saw was one slope with small debris from a loose snow slide/ or new snow/wind slab on Kirkwood Ridge.

We dug a pit near the wilderness boundary where Ian and Dave dug earlier in the week. We had ECTP13 and ECTP18 on the recently buried layer of small facets below a 2" crust under the 12" of new snow.

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