New Snow Avalanches in the Bridgers

New Snow Avalanches in the Bridgers


We toured up the Ramp today from the Bradley's Meadow backcountry gate. Near Bradley's we measured 19" of snow and 2.7" of snow water equivalent. On several test slopes, we observed cracking and only triggered small sloughs in steep pockets of terrain. At noon we stopped above the refrigerator chutes and dug there. We found 24" on new snow with 3.05" of snow-water equivalent. In the storm snow, we had ECTP6, ECTN11 & PST24/100 SF. Below the recent storm snow was a 1.5" thick crust with moist snow beneath. 

Near the top of the Ramp we saw a small skier-triggered avalanche that buried a portion of the skin track in front of us. While skiing down the ramp new snow was easily sloughed but never picked up much momentum. On our second lap, we saw several skier-triggered storm slab avalanches breaking ~1' deep within the new snow (R2/D1.5). We saw one larger avalanche below the cliffs between the Refrigerator Chutes and Wolverine Cirque (R2/D2). We spoke to a skier who skied Wolverine Crique who reported many small storm slab or slough avalanches. All of these avalanches occurred on slopes steeper than 35 degrees. 

Snow continued in strong pulses throughout the day and we estimated 2-3" fell between 12:00 and 2:30 pm. At the top of the ridge, winds were light from the south. At the middle and lower elevations, winds were moderate with strong gusts. Bradley's Meadow back to the parking lot was very wind-affected. 

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