large avalanches at Bridger

large avalanches at Bridger


From email 5/8/24: "A few snaps from today. Observed several D2 slides between sluice box and the nose. I didn't see the toe of these slides, but it looked like there were running with some speed into mid elevation terrain. Slabs were most common in winded terrain, but slides flanked out on new/old interface and 4/26 crust (these layers are not very far apart) even in sheltered middle elevation terrain. Visibility was poor, but I'd expect to see similar large slides in steep, winded terrain

4/26 crust down:

55-60cm at 6500

65-70cm at bridger mid 

75+cm at ridgeline"

Bridger Range
Location (from list)
Bridger Bowl
Observer Name
Ben VandenBos